MoMa Ready - Deep Technik

  • Published
    3 Sep 2020
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  • Released
    August 2020
  • Few producers have thrived in 2020, but MoMA Ready could hardly thrive harder.
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  • MoMa Ready's albums from January—one solo, Gallery S, and one with AceMo, A New Dawn—showed the crazy range of his sound, somersaulting through rave, broken beat, jungle, crunchy house and techno and many weird hybrids in between. Since then, he dropped some half dozen singles on Bandcamp, while his label, HAUS Of ALTR, released two staggering compilations in quick succession, each with killer productions from Wyatt himself (my personal favorite being "Nothing Can Save You," a nihilistic rave rework of "Renegade Master"). Deep Technik, an album he recorded in one week this summer, reins in that restless energy, dedicating itself to one understated sound: fast, smooth and pumping deep house. The album is, in his own words, "an exploration of deep at a quicker pace." The compositions are clean and sparse, but have a way of swaddling you in their tones—a key element in the slippery notion of "deepness." Some have a bit of a nervous edge, like "Dissonant Loop" and "Tech Unlimited." Most are warm and woozy, suited to a late-night, semi-dream state, a vibe conveyed in track titles like "Honeycomb" and "Lavender Dub." Like the floaty deep house popularized a decade ago by labels like Dial and Underground Quality, this music plunges you into a cozy, gently euphoric place. Unlike the sometimes sleepy moods of that era, things never get too heavy-lidded. The drums, all plump kicks and perfectly crisp hi-hats, soar at tempos up to 144 BPM. Serene as it is in places, this is high-energy party music that would fit nicely with the wilder stuff from the HAUS Of ALTR camp. Deep Technik is the most traditional, straight-forward music MoMA Ready has released, which, coming from him, is an interesting flex. Where most of his tracks break the rules in one way or another, this one works completely within them, albeit with the tempo turned up a bit. The result, while maybe less striking than usual, is fresh, full of energy and beautifully deep. MoMA Ready's twists on club sounds may be his main strength, but Deep Technik shows he doesn't need them to make a hot record.
  • Tracklist
      01. Honeycomb 02. Deep Enough 03. Feel For It 04. Lavender 05. Dissonant Loop 06. Make Me Make Sense 07. Lavender Dub 08. Talks With God 09. Tech Unlimited