Stefan Ringer feat. Javonntte - Reach

  • Luscious Detroit-style house from the unpredictable Atlanta producer.
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  • Like his Atlanta peers, Stefan Ringer uses Detroit house as a foundation for wonky, eclectic and soulful tracks. In Ringer's case, often with flecks of hip-house. "Reach," the highlight from his latest EP on his FWM Entertainment label, is one of his most bang-on Detroit-inspired tracks yet, bringing in vocalist Javonntte for a simple but earwormy hook. This is deep and meditative house music, where everything is in its place. The chord stabs are almost punch-drunk, while the bassline provides a firm disco-influenced strut. The hi-hat work? Divine. It's skippy without disturbing the placid groove. "Reach" might lack the oddball tendencies of some of Ringer's most characteristic work, but trades it for a breezy, irresistible self-assuredness.
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      01. Reach feat. Javonntte