Martyn Bootyspoon - Lickety Split

  • A playful EP that builds bridges between UK and US sounds.
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  • Montréal producer Martyn Bootyspoon's latest effort, released on 2 B REAL, is a five-track club EP named after his latest word obsession: "Lickety Split," a phrase he's been plastering all over socials for over a year. Humour is a dominant element in Martyn's work, but don't get it twisted: he takes his craft seriously, with Lickety Split produced and mixed over the course of two years. The EP opens with the title track, where Martyn repeats a mantra—"miss me with that shit"—over a flanged drum track. "Resonant Freq" is the star of the EP. The track sounds heavily influenced by early 2000s grime, with a late 90's ballroom attitude. The sinewave bass is the main theme—with the detuned cello, it would be a traditional grime track if it wasn't for the chopped baritone vocals on the track. The death drops-friendly cuts are a personal take on what makes a voguing track. It's a tune that builds a bridge between North American electronic music and the UK hardcore continuum.
  • Tracklist
      01. Lickety Split 02. Resonant Freq 03. Airdrop 04. Ice Cream Mane 05. KEYGEN 2 MI H34RT