Ikonika - Hollow

  • A cross-genre masterclass in emotional grooves.
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  • As proven on her April EP, Bodies, Ikonika excels at building pockets of serenity. Her latest 12-inch, Hollow, opens with heavyweight grime on "Kicks Count," a cut that would earn some serious spinbacks with its springy synths and thrashing Afrobeat kick drums. The EP quickly descends from that high, starting with "Hollow," a transfixing field of dewy chords, matched by twinkling, arpeggiated melodies. While tougher, the UK drill-leaning "Blood Tinge" still embodies a state of sedation, passing by like a lazy smoke trail. Ikonika has mentioned her love of gaming in interviews, and the record's emotional closers showcase her knack for forging blissful worlds within swinging rhythms. The bass-heavy "Terminus" carries a whimsical, wintry feel. Even with a wider genre focus at play, it feels good to be in Ikonika's world.
  • Tracklist
      01. Kicks Count 02. Hollow 03. Blood Tinge 04. A Void 05. Body Servants 06. Terminus