Crystallmess - Issa Revenge

  • A taste of the new wave of French avant-garde.
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  • Because Music's upcoming compilation boasts a cast reflecting the energy of France's next wave of innovative producers. An exceptional producer keen on intricate rhythms, shadowy synths and undertones of tumult, Crystallmess certainly fits the bill. Her contribution to the compilation, "Issa Revenge," is spiteful techno driven by suspense. The track opens with grainy drones that whiz and whir through marching percussion like a pack of motorcyclists approaching from a distance. The build-up continues with spectre-like vocals, galloping percussion and a subtle bassline. After a skyscraper-high drop, there's a final release, achieved by a swinging, tinny breakbeat and high-speed melodic trance. It's thrilling rave music with an edge of unpredictability.
  • Tracklist
      01. Issa Revenge