DJ Swisha & Kush Jones - Outta Bounds

  • Footwork, Baltimore and other club styles combine on this red-hot collaboration.
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  • The highlight of DJ Swisha & Kush Jones' new collaborative EP is a Kush Jones solo track. "GTB"—a voice deadpans "get the box" over and over—is footwork at its best, a cascade of trippy hi-hats, dislocated basslines and vocals with an endless sense of energy. You're hooked as soon as you hear "GTB," so simple, catchy and sleek that it deserves a place in the footwork pantheon alongside tracks like "I Don't Give A Fuck," pointing the way forward just like Jones' recent RA Podcast. Swisha steps in for a Baltimore club-influenced version that slows down the BPMs and adds a dose of funky syncopation. The three collaborations on the EP find the New Yorkers between genres. "Snare Track," which might be the best one, zips and stutters through each bar, while the title track features fitful splatters of acid squelch—a Kush Jones trademark. These are rambunctious hybrids that showcase the New York scene's ingenuity, whereas Jones' "GTB" homes in on straight-up footwork perfection. On the blazing, 18-minute Outta Bounds, Swisha and Kush Jones don't just perfect genres, they look towards creating new ones too.
  • Tracklist
      01. Snare Track 02. Torcida 03. Kush Jones - GTB 04. GTB (DJ SWISHA Remix) 05. Outta Bounds