Novelist - Stay With Me

  • The UK artist's latest single brings with it grander feelings of hope.
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  • The artwork for Novelist's new single, "Stay With Me," shows the rapper holding up a placard that reads "Stop Killing The Mandem." The photo was taken in 2016 at a Black Lives Matter march in London. Four years later, tragically, here we are again. The track, which is slow and poppy with no rapping and a belting sax solo, isn't exactly a protest song, but there's also no separating it from the current moment. (It landed on Friday, June 5th, the day before a weekend of BLM protests in London.) Novelist's heartfelt lyrics, written with Jesus in mind, are now imbued with grander feelings of hope. "One day, we'll fly away / Just hold me close, I pray," he sings, heavily echoed, over slapping claps and a juicy bassline. The whole thing, down to the teasers, has a glossy '80s feel, in a really cool way.
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      01. Stay With Me