anz - spring/summer dubs 2020

  • Anz takes the hallmarks of UK dance music to miraculous heights.
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  • Over the past months, Anz sought one goal: to complete 40 new tracks. Amid worldwide upheaval, what was likely slotted as an ambitious target ultimately became a collection of 74 tracks, most of which made the cut for her annual production mix. With a widened repertoire in tow, Anz admittedly still hit a roadblock piecing together spring/summer dubs 2020, explaining, "The world has felt so crushing." It seems there are two routes for a producer creating in dire times: channel the rightful outrage into a dystopian project, or forge escapism through cheerful tracks. Like ice-water on a balmy July afternoon, this mix flits towards the latter. Fanned out over 30 plus tracks of singular UK funky, 2-step garage, dubstep and jungle, Anz takes the hallmarks of UK dance music to miraculous heights. Coupled with tight transitions that prove her increased maturity as a DJ, it's her most cohesive production mix yet. When it comes to inspiration, the precocious producer dips from a wide pool, often flirting with nostalgia. Rod Lee's Baltimore club anthem "Dance My Pain Away" meets the bubbling melodies of 2-step garage, while Soul For Real's "Candy Rain" is summery UKG, sped-up and centered around two playful vocal loops. Contemporary fads aren't entirely off-limits though. In a mind-splitting jungle track that never ceases to make me pause, the once Tik Tok-trending "Renegade" finds an unexpected match with Wildchild's "Renegade Master." The detailed, immersive arrangement of some tracks suggest a perfectionist's touch, like in the opening minutes, when a marching drum pattern overlays a nasty, slithering acid line that sounds like it's emerging from underwater. The orchestral closing track, "Here's Where She Returns," makes use of a twittering flute, backed by what sounds like maracas, soaring strings and an upright bass for a simply captivating close. There's a reason why fans still plead for the official release of Anz's years-old production mixes. These 80 minutes prove her range only expands with time.
  • Tracklist
      01. Sackville Street Stomp 02. Lunar Spiral 03. Sisi Eko 04. Couch To 50k (Dance Mat Mix) 05. Chaotic Good 06. Sweet One 07. Dancefloor Recalibration 08. Organic Matter 09. Unravel In The Designated Zone 10. Stay A While 11. In Session 12. The Prospector 13. Morphing Into Brighter 14. Tripper's Tip 15. Stone Groove 16. Giant's Leap 17. Speedway 18. Dmpa 19. Halved And Doubled 20. Odogwu (Akoni Ukg) 21. 3 Quid For The Wheel 22. Do Right By You! 23. Double Dutch 24. Iinstructions Includedd 25. The Twist 26. Dream Sequence 27. 4 Til Eternity 28. Oshun 29. Glass Gloss (Ryd Vocal Version) 30. Gt Mover 31. Rrrenegade 32. All Outta Shape 33. First One Back 34. Composure 35. Here's Where She Returns