DJ Delish - Khadijah Vol. 6

  • Published
    30 Jun 2020
  • Label
  • Released
    May 2020
  • Genre
  • Creative ballroom club music that looks to the genre's past and future.
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  • DJ Delish's latest volume of Khadijah is dedicated to the ballroom scene's origins and community—the fact that it was (and is) a place for queer misfits to find a real home and family, even as it becomes a mainstream-adjacent phenomenon thanks to TV shows like Pose. Khadijah underlines ballroom's outsider nature by highlighting its aggression: the gut-punch of short but powerful tracks like "SHUT UP!," where the infamous ha stab feels like it's being flung from a slingshot, should remind anyone who's attended a ball of the strenuous physicality and feverish energy of it all. Elsewhere, Delish explores a slower, slinkier side of the genre on "Mother Jaja," and throws a welcome curveball with closing track "Love Ya," a silky funk jam that looks back to the open-ended R&B of last year's EP on Sweat Equity. In just under 15 minutes, DJ Delish shows not only the emotional range of ballroom music but the range she possesses as one of Philadelphia's must-watch artists.
  • Tracklist
      01. 3S 02. Sissy 03. Mother Jaja 04. SHUT UP! 05. Mega 06. Love Ya'