Jayda G - Are U Down

  • The Canadian artist shows her sombre side.
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  • "Feeling super down," Jayda G murmurs in the opening seconds of "Are U Down," the second track off her new EP on Ninja Tune. This gloom, apparently brought on by a recent move to London, is unusual for the Canadian, who typically deals in the kind of rip-roaring moods exemplified on the EP's A1, "Both Of Us," a piano smash with a "French Kiss"-style breakdown. Here, the sorrow comes through in the bluish hue of the lead vocal sample and her own breathy lyrics. But the beat, produced alongside UK producer du jour Fred again.., bumps with soulful purpose and the snappy interplay between the voices is also nice. Less palatable is the cartoonish, pitched-down monologue that emerges randomly near the end. Artists can make strange decisions when they're sad.
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      01. Are U Down