Sketch Artist - Illegal Afters 001

  • An outstanding debut of zoned-out house and electro.
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  • IAT01 is a strong first release for Seattle label Illegal Afters Tracks, and one hell of a debut for Sketch Artist. It's hard to get a handle on exactly what his style is—these three tracks jump from one genre to the next—but he makes dance music that feels wiggly and psychedelic, breaking free from the quantized feel with spindly melodic tendrils and unexpected turns. It's hard to pick a favourite track here. My instinct is "Next One," a deep house jam with pitter-patter percussion and sultry drizzles of saxophone. Then there's the twisty ten-minute B-side track "Adults." It's a slick electro track where classic drum machine hits meet what sounds like synthesized timpanis. It crackles with an electric, head-rush buzz. It's tempting to make a wisecrack about the label's name, but in this case, it's just spot-on.
  • Tracklist
      01. Next One 02. Ppl 03. Adults