Karenn - Music Sounds Better With Shoe

  • Blawan and Pariah have done it again—with a twist of trance this time.
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  • Karenn fans will recognize "On Request" as the closing track from Blawan and Pariah's Boiler Room London session back in 2014. People have been clamoring for a release, and it's not hard to understand why. Its dramatic, bubbly lead offers the microscopic detail that makes Karenn's techno stand out. The track’s trance-baiting melody is a ray of sunshine compared to the duo's usually darker electronics. The EP also includes "Shoes Off," the duo's Bicep moment. A gentle plucked melody gradually rises over a kick pattern and some of the duo's classic velcro-tearing bass sounds. The title Music Sounds Better With Shoe might seem silly, but it's actually illustrative. If you imagined Blawan and Pariah trying to channel Stardust, you might get these two tracks, which put the duo's heaving modular techno framework in the service of blissed-out trance—the combination we didn't know we needed.
  • Tracklist
      01. On Request 02. Shoes Off