Priori - SCN EP

  • DustWORLD's fourth release switches between dreamy, afterhours house and eyes-down dub techno.
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  • SCN is an inspired progression from the laidback sound heard to date on Dust-e-1's label, DustWORLD. Across four tracks, satisfyingly chunky percussion and bottomless basslines make straightforward grooves sound catchy. Hiss, electric buzz and fragments of distant voices give the music an organic texture, turning eternal loops into morphing rhythms. Priori buries unmistakable hallmarks of the Basic Channel school deep in the mix and lets them bubble up to the surface as the tracks develop, most notably on "SCN 2" and "SCN 4." Together with his signature expansive and shimmering pad sounds, Priori keeps a well-worn style very fresh.
  • Tracklist
      01. SCN 1 02. SCN 2 03. SCN 3 04. SCN 4