FAUZIA - Untitled 001

  • FAUZIA showcases her variety with a chilled-out '90s throwback.
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  • FAUZIA made waves on Twitter with a thread explaining how separating "bass music" from "techno" reinforces racist stereotypes in dance music. When I heard her all-originals mix for DISCWOMAN earlier this year, I was blown away by its sheer variety—from dubstep to trap to techno—and the top-notch quality of all her tracks. This variety comes naturally to her, underlining how arbitrary the divisions between these genres and styles really are. Her productions have started to trickle out, first on an R&S compilation and now as part of the massive new release from MoMA Ready's Haus Of ALTR. Where "Progression" on R&S was a blazing hybrid of jungle and capital-T techno, on "Untitled 001" she enters a more plaintive zone reminiscent of Warp's early '90s Artificial Intelligence series. Synth notes yawn, hand drums pitter-patter and laughter occasionally erupts, a vision of sunshine and contentment that contrasts the harder dance floor work she's released previously. Though, at this point, what FAUZIA is known for is acing whatever sound she tries.
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      01. Untitled 001