Lotic - Burn A Print

  • Lotic completes her transformation into experimental pop diva.
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  • There's a clip on Twitter of Lotic performing "Burn A Print" at Rewire, her hair wildly blowing in the wind as she sings in a sinuous falsetto. It has a whiff of pop stardom, which seems to be where she's going these days. 2018's Power introduced a less confrontational, more intimate side to Lotic's music, and "Burn A Print," built around her powerful vibrato, completes the transformation. The club is still there, with trap hi-hats, ballroom stabs and guttural grunts, but it's wrapped up in the fabric of a seductive R&B song, with the occasional sound effect poking out. But this time nothing can distract from the power of Lotic's multi-tracked voice, from the high falsetto to the groaning lows. It's a canny fusion of worlds that few producers-turned-perfomers are able to pull off.
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      01. Burn A Print