Walton - Debris

  • Walton traverses grime, dubstep and techno on his return to Ilian Tape.
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  • Whereas Walton's last Ilian Tape EP, Depth Charge, took on the shadowy edges of UKG, Debris flits between grime, dubstep and techno. The unequivocal star of the release, the seductive "Debris," is carried by a singular smoky rhythm—it's the kind of dubby track you might expect Low Jack to play. "Djembe" centers hand percussion and an industrial toughness that recalls the hard drum of Even The Strong. The problem is, while the artists on that label specialize in muscular grooves that can stay fresh with minimal changes to the arrangement, the lack of variety here causes the track to go stale. Similar issues appear on the previous cut, "FX 625." Things do pick up on the final track, "Tek Breath Riddim," which takes a thrilling turn when a handful of mechanical whirs are obliterated by a deluge of marching bass.
  • Tracklist
      A1 FX_625 A2 Djembe B1 Debris B2 Tek Breath Riddim