Lurka - Rhythm Hi-Tek

  • Slow-motion club music that plays tricks on your brain.
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  • If Lurka's not a cop-on-sight producer for you, you're doing it wrong. The UK artist has floated to the top of the Bristol techno scene with a sound that's funky and leftfield, finding room for invention in slower tempos, like last year's astounding "Stay Let's Together." Rhythm Hi-Tek, which sees him returning to Timedance, continues Lurka's slow-but-steady experimentation. If you want more of that slow groove, check the title track or "Point Noise Behaviours," a twitchy techno cut that lays out the classic Lurka tics: rolling basslines, swatting snares and time-stretched drum samples. If innovation is what you're after then you'll find it on "ssppeedd," with a kick drum that starts out like dubstep, turns into house and then accelerates to a gallop, all by adding extra drums instead of increasing the tempo. People like to throw around the phrase "beat science," which would make Lurka the Bristol scene's mad scientist.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Point Noise Behaviours A2 Ssppeedd B1 Minds Eye Tript B2 Rhythm Hi-Tek