Felix K - Archive#2

  • These early productions show the warmer side of the introspective drum & bass artist.
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  • Archive#2 is a collection of unreleased dubplates written by Felix K between 2003 and 2008. Given that his first official release, Dark Days, came out in 2008, you might assume Archive #2 shows the German artist in his developmental stage. It has many of the components that would become his signature. Apart from minor production details and occasional Worm break interjections, "Usit" would have been at home on any of his recent records. If you were going to sum up Felix K to a new listener in a single track, "Usit" would be a good choice. Archive#2 also shows what Felix K left behind as he refined his sound over time: breakbeats, vocals, the proverbial post-Bukem "jazzy" touches and definitively dance floor-focused structures. By stripping these elements out of his music, he found what was essential about his voice. Still, it's a refreshingly upbeat sound from someone we now associate with drum & bass at its most isolated and introspective. ("Secret Place" and "Destiny" even have classic house organs.) There's something disarming and reassuring about Felix showing this side of himself again, which feels almost celebratory given his typically solemn approach.
  • Tracklist
      01. Usit 02. Emotion 03. Waiting 04. Time 05. Sometimes 06. Destiny 07. Secret Place 08. 11 Block Girl (Version) 09. Central Point