Etapp Kyle - Nolove

  • Elegant techno that signals a new chapter for the Ukrainian producer.
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  • I've never been one for dance music and videos (beyond the obvious classics). But Etapp Kyle's clip for "Nolove," directed by the Ukrainian producer himself, is well worth your time. It's an artful look at Western Ukraine and its people, featuring quick-cut shots of locals, grey landscapes and beautiful yet foreboding churches. The video shows a culture in flux, and it's soundtracked by something suited to that mood. "Nolove" is as elegant as it is urgent: pulsing, granular techno that swings in a wide arc, loaded with details like bleeps and whirrs. All four tracks on Nolove are gently abstract, functional but full of odd touches, minus the gorgeous downtempo closer "Eden." What's more striking is the eerie, fly-by-night melodies, made from soaring synths and brooding brass tones. Nolove is Kyle's most striking record yet, and could be the start of a more expressive chapter for his music.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Nolove A2 Unseen B1 Polar B2 Eden