James Blake - You're Too Precious

  • Intricate, loved-up pop.
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  • James Blake's Instagram Live videos, filmed at the piano from his home in Los Angeles, have been some of my favourite things to watch these past few weeks. The latest episode, uploaded earlier this week, included a recorded snippet of his new single, "You're Too Precious." You can forgive him for not playing it acoustically. Like the excellent "If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead," it's heavy on vocal trickery, with high-pitched flutters forming a glitchy melody over a tender melange of piano, drums, Blake's warbling and what sounds like castanets. The mood is sweet and loved-up, similar to much of last year's album, Assume Form. "I'd take the hair in your food," he sings. It's a beautiful song, busy yet cohesive, every piece with its place and purpose. Speaking in the same video, Blake said he woke up suddenly at 4 AM, stumbled to his home studio and immediately wrote the track. Imagine being able to do that? When he finished, he went back to bed.
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      01. You're Too Precious