Various - DBAXXX

  • A limited-edition USB that quietly celebrates ten years of a beloved UK label.
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  • Around 20 Don't Be Afraid-branded USBs were given out at the label's tenth anniversary party at Corsica Studios last month. The release, DBAXXX, contains four unreleased remixes that have been buried on hard drives till now. Among them is Batu's remix of Ben Cohen's "Short Night." In the first half of its sparse arrangement, spidery hats, alien rumbles and crunching distortion weave in and out of an irregular kick to create a dark, standoffish mood. Then at the midpoint the tone shifts, brightening as the kicks fall into an electro pattern and playful shimmering sounds emerge from the depths. The fact that material of this quality is kicking around the archives at Don't Be Afraid suggests a rich vault of music, and is testament to the strength of a label that has organically grown over the past decade.
  • Tracklist
      01. Ben Cohen - Short Night (Batu Remix) 02. Neville Watson - Crossing The I's (Marco Shuttle Remix) 03. Jay L - Together (DJ Spyder Remix) 04. Karen Gwyer - The Workers Are On Strike (Jay L's Picket Line Edit)