Mor Elian - Clairvoyant Frog

  • Murky, otherworldly grooves.
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  • Mor Elian's music has always been trippy and humid, but never quite this alien. "Clairvoyant Frog," with its fidgety synthesizer and lopsided kick drums, sets the tone for some of her most disorienting and delightfully unpredictable work. This is groovy, danceable music, but it's also thick and unsettled. "Shoshana's Roses," powered by galloping hand-drums and skittering kicks, could be a straight-ahead club tool were it not for its bleary drones. "Planet Kismet" dissolves chopped-up breaks, distant fog-horn synths and pattering keys into a swirling mass of late-night melancholy. Nothing here deviates too far from Elian's signature sound, but each track shows her modulating her approach in beguiling ways. By jumbling the percussion and turning up the smoke machines, she's come up with three thrilling tracks that sound beamed in from another world.
  • Tracklist
      01. Clairvoyant Frog 02. Shoshana's Roses 03. Planet Kismet