Seven Orbits - EP0001

  • A new face debuts on SVBKVLT backed up by the label's best producers.
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  • Seven Orbits is an audiovisual project from Italian artist Matteo Zamagni, where scrambled beats become trigger points for live visuals that in turn feed back to the music itself, meant to play with the audience's perception of what's happening in front of them. EP0001 is his first EP outside those live performances, but it's missing a crucial element: the visuals. (The cover is pretty great, though.) But Zamagni's music holds up, especially with an all-star cast of SVBKVLT regulars on remix duty. Zamagni's style will be familiar to experimental club heads: meteor showers of drums that hit with a crunch, spread across musical bars in a near-random splatter. Some tracks, like "Ganglion," don't even have a kick, while others, like "Mantis," focus on a brutal midrange bass sound that sounds like inverted bro-step: grating but not skronky, with the kind of bass you feel in your chest and sinuses. The music on EP0001 can feel skeletal at times, a series of crashes and sound effects meant to trigger visuals that aren't there. That's where collaborators are handy, splashing his music with colour, like TSVI on the EP's indisputable highlight, "Submechanophobia." He adds his classic rolling percussion and a chord progression amidst Zamagni's ear-tickling spatial tricks. For the remixes, SVBKVLT taps three of its most original producers, including Zaliva-D, who adds a reggaeton-style beat to "Mantis" and layers his distinctive groaning vocals on top of the buzzing bass. Goooose and 33EMYBW round out the release with efforts full of slippery delay effects and uncomfortable textures, respectively, making for another killer EP that compensates for the lack of visual stimulation with aural imagination.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Ravevv101 A2 Mantis A3 Ganglion A4 Submechanophobia feat. TSVI B1 SandGrainss B2 Ganglion (Gooooose Remix) B3 Mantis (Zaliva-D Remix) B4 Submechanophobia (33EMYBW Remix)