Shawn Rudiman, Jordan GCZ - AMS > PIT

  • Tough but tender tracks from two of techno's best live performers.
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  • "It's probably an understatement to call Shawn Rudiman underrated," Will Lynch wrote in his 2017 review of Timespan. Now it feels like the Pittsburgh artist is finally receiving some of the recognition he deserves. After combing the endless bounty of his back catalogue for retrospectives, Rudiman's latest EP, AMS > PIT, sees him turning in fresh material, this time with his sometimes live partner Jordan GCZ, AKA Jordan Czamanski of Juju & Jordash. The first sound you hear on "Catnip Freak" is the distorted boom of Rudiman's signature 808. That track, like the others on AMS > PIT, wanders through a kaleidoscope of despondent synth lines and dub chords, but the kicks keep chugging along. Hearing the electro jerk of "Down To Biz," it's easy to picture these two keeping a festival dance floor heaving. "Hole In The Ground" is the type of thing you can imagine going down well during a live set from Magic Mountain High, its delayed and muffled melodies unfurling before white noise and a looped vocal wash them out. If it weren't for the kicks low in the mix, you could almost call it ambient.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Catnip Freak A2 Hole In The Ground B1 Too Many Teef In My Mouf B2 Down To Biz