Jay Daniel - SSD

  • Spacious tracks that show the Detroit artist in the midst of a creative breakthrough.
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  • There's always been a dreamy side to the Jay Daniel's productions. His debut album, Broken Knowz, along with cuts like his Four Tet remix, relied on the tension between billowy synth chords and jittery, lo-fi drums. On SSD, a digital EP for the Detroit label Watusi High, he shows a stronger knack for melody than ever before. The opener, "Muse," is a warm, beatless track that sounds like the middle-ground between Suzanne Kraft's Talk From Home and Sun Runners' excellent 2019 tape Lust For Life. "Solo" is a sub-70 BPM synth track suited to dazed and happy mornings. On the two house cuts, "Dew" and "Cherry," Daniel's drum programming and synth leads are sharp. All in all, this quietly released EP suggests that, years on from a groundswell of hype, the Detroit producer might be on the verge of a creative breakthrough.
  • Tracklist
      01. Muse 02. Solo 03. Dew 04. Cherry