Carmen Villain ‎– Both Lines Will Be Blue Remixed

  • A dynamic remix pack featuring the likes of DJ Python and Yu Su.
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  • On her 2019 album, Both Lines Will Be Blue, the Norwegian-Mexican artist Carmen Villain made an artistic migration from ethereal indie rock to an ethereal mix of downtempo, ambient and New Age. This new format—heavy on flute, field recordings and ponderous beats—is spacious and open to suggestion, making it ideal for remixes. Everyone in this squad of six remixers brings a strikingly different approach. Parris and DJ Python show how much variety exists even within the niche climate of Dembow-influenced club music. Karima F and Jay Glass Dubs' charging versions find the perfect balance between straight-ahead and pleasantly off-kilter. Yu Su's music is closest in spirit to Villain's, and her downtempo remix of "Impossible Color" feels like a natural extension of the ideas behind the original. No surprises here, but Both Lines Will Be Blue Remixed shows there's no rule book for club music's next generation.
  • Tracklist
      01. Observable Future (Parris Remix) 02. I Trust You (DJ Python Remix) 03. Observable Future (D.K. Remix) 04. Type (Karima F Remix) 05. Are You For Real (Jay Glass Dubs Laicalg Version) 06. Impossible Color (Yu-Su Remix)