Roman Flügel - Garden Party

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  • No clairvoyance is needed to say that Roman Flügel's "Garden Party" will enjoy a happy, prosperous future. I mean, just look at those that have come before it. "Garden Party" is a fruity Italo-house banger in the vein of "Inspector Norse," "Neutron Dance" and "Keflavik," tracks whose BIG TUNE credentials were clear way before they ever reached a festival stage. It also helps that it drops on Gerd Janson's Running Back, a label that frequently registers on the mainstream dance music radar these days. In the last 12 months alone it's released inarguable anthems by KiNK, DJ Tennis and Genius Of Time, while tracks like Storken's "Lille Vals" and Dusky's "Boris Borrison's Trip To Morrisons" have shown Janson's taste for bold Italo flavours, something "Garden Party" has in tablespoons. There isn't necessarily one musical part or melody that "Garden Party" pivots on. Rather, it has a medley of colorful sounds crafted for impact. There's the galloping bassline. The brassy, '80s synth blasts. A spread of keyboard lines, some sharp, some squidgy. Being the exploratory producer he is, Flügel decides to strip things back for the breakdown, teasing darker acidic overtones from the bassline before triumphantly returning to the sunshine and rainbows. Often the other tracks on a release like this are overlooked, but there'll for sure be DJs out there who prefer "Parade D'Amour" and "Juke City," both in the same ballpark as the title track but slightly less focussed on raising the roof. The outlier is "Wood & Neon," a strange, understated cut that would add some weird to your next warm-up set. Let's be honest though: this EP is all about "Garden Party."
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      01. Garden Party 02. Parade d'Amour 03. Juke City 04. Wood & Neon