Eris Drew - Fluids Of Emotion

  • Could this be the house record of the year?
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  • It's only February, but it doesn't feel like a stretch to suggest Eris Drew's Fluids Of Emotion will be the house record of the year. It's certainly the strongest debut solo release I can remember, an entrancing EP that recalls Omar-S at his most euphoric. Of the three tracks, "Fluids Of Emotion" and "Transcendental Access Point" will take you the highest. The title track is spacey and swinging, a potential set-stopper in the right DJ's hands. Like some of the best house music, it builds slowly, adding layers of cosmic melody as the rhythm shuffles, with spinbacks, spoken-word vocals (psychedelic, of course) and a deep, mind-bending bassline. It's the kind of track that unites a dance floor, so I hope I'm lucky enough to be on one when it gets played. "Transcendental Access Point" is less spacey but just as positive, a bit like Drew's version of "Here's Your Trance, Now Dance!!" But where Omar S's classic went easy on the kick, Drew engineers "Transcendental Access Point" for peak-time play. The strings are almost too much but, like a lot of great house music, they land on the right side of cheesy. That leaves "So Much Love To Give," the wackiest track on the plate. Built with samples from The KLF, it's also the least melodic, with only occasional bursts of colour. The rest of the track is a tangle of percussion and bleeps, held together by fat kick drum. Eris Drew has spoken about the healing qualities of electronic music, a topic that other top producers (even going back to early Underground Resistance) have explored. At its brightest, Fluids Of Emotion feels transcendent, an experience only the most gifted artists can offer.
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      A1 Fluids Of Emotion A2 Transcendental Access Point B1 So Much Love To Give