Oskar Offermann - Monte Scherbelino Pt. 2

  • A weirdo blend of electro, techno and house, Offenbach style.
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  • HardWorkSoftDrink was an early node for what's become an oft-replicated and trendy style of acidic, minimal- and electro-indebted house and techno. The A-side of its latest release, Oskar Offermann's Monte Scherbelino Pt. 2, shows why their style has caught on and how the label stays slightly ahead of the curve. "Gaucho" is a squeaky-clean, jewel-bright cruiser that embellishes its fashionable acidic house elements with touches of trance or prog. It successfully executes the substyle's strengths—a catchy riff, a crisp and simple mix that doesn't feel flimsy or empty—and injects a bit of personality, building on the recipe with vaguely ravey synth sounds. But those bits of flair don't resurface on the B-side, which features two slightly deeper and cuter cuts. Both are solid—"Bowner Jr'' is a buoyant electro floater and "Beggs Enedikt" marches video game chirps through a dreamy pad with clipped drums. But the A-side has more energy and enthusiasm thanks to its earworm hook, harder-hitting drums and distinctive references, so it sells the record.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Gaucho B1 Beggs Enedikt B2 Bowner Jr