Adam Pits & Lisene Present - Space Cadets

  • UK bass weight in a four-on-the-floor framework.
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  • So much UK club music throughout the 2010s bore the influence of dubstep. Rarely did it feel as jacking and groovy as Adam Pits & Lisene Present Space Cadets, the first collaborative EP from two up-and-comers from Leeds. Released at the end of last year, it provides a leaner, toolier, four-on-the-floor framework for UK dance music's cavernous sonics and bass weight. Their joint effort, "Skill Shot," cuts angular, whiplashing and downright tech-y shapes around the bassier elements, like groaning low-end and steely synth FX. There's some kind of a break deep in the mix on both "Skill Shot" and Pits' "Attack Bumper," but each time it's used as an accent rather than a central idea. Broken beats strike back on the other side. Lisene's solo contribution "Re-Entry" and No Moon's remix of "Skill Shot" construct syncopated cradles for wobbling subs or booming, distorted downbeats. Still, Lisene's rhythm feels more bump 'n' flex than steppin'. These small but crucial details suggest that Space Cadets have good instincts that lead them to refreshing ideas for contemporary UK sounds.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Space Cadets - Skill Shot A2 Adam Pits - Attack Bumper B1 Lisene - Re-Entry B2 Space Cadets - Skill Shot (No Moon Special Edition)