Gosub & Taimur - The Controller

  • A dance floor hurricane from a storied North American minimal crew.
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  • Blk|Market Membership were the premier New York City minimal promoters for a long stretch of the '00s before going on hiatus in 2017. Following the split, cofounder Taimur decamped to Miami shortly after launching a label, Blkmarket Music, to capture some of BLKMarket's original legacy. While the latest EP on the label, a collaboration between Taimur and Miami electro aficionado Gosub, may not feel like roller skating through South Beach, you can still taste little specks of Floridian Vitamin D. This is especially true of "Controller (Dark Path Mix)," which starts like a slice of heads-down dystopian sci-fi but soon morphs with quivering synth scales. This adds a tropical cadence, the vocal moving from the foreboding prophecy of Darth Vader to a lifeguard telling you to mind the waves. Miami bass hits catch you deep in the chest, the song collapsing into a full-blown acid hurricane that will wreak havoc across any dance floor.
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      A1 The Controller A2 The Controller (Dark Path Mix) B1 Safe B2 Phi