Maurice Fulton & Peggy Gou - Jigoo

  • It's ambitious, but this oddball collaboration doesn't quite hit the mark.
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  • "Jigoo," the first taste of Maurice Fulton's new EP, has the second-best bassline Peggy Gou has put her name on. (The best is 2018's "Han Jan," so good it could've come from DMX Krew's studio.) But where most of Gou's tracks bring to mind sunshine and good times, "Jigoo" is mildly unhinged. That's probably thanks to Fulton, a producer who's spent more than 20 years making some of the most unhinged house out there. But the rolling bassline keeps "Jigoo" on the right side of the crazy, with moments of discord among the synth zaps, fizzles and bleeps. But one gnarly, detuned melody turns an otherwise good track into an average one, the kind of out-there sound that doesn't suit an otherwise functional tune. Fulton thrives when he's not trying to please a dance floor, but "Jigoo" feels stuck between the main stage and the afterhours.
  • Tracklist
      01. Jigoo