Chevel - Elvine Unlocked

  • Delightfully strange club acrobatics.
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  • For an artist frequently associated with "weightless," a style built on sonics, space and silence, Chevel's music feels like it's subjected to extreme pressure. But Elvine Unlocked, released on his Enklav label, is brighter than past releases, as if he recently emerged from a bunker. "Cut" and "Swamped" still show a fondness for pummelling kicks, but the latter foregrounds rising breaths and a euphoric trance-like build-up. Even stranger is "Knickerbocker," which sets a frosty grime-like melody against grinding bass. But the biggest revelation comes from the title track, which is what you might expect bubblegum pop to sound like from an artist who usually makes stone-faced techno. That's not a criticism. "Elvine Unlocked"'s sparkling melodies enhance the whirring mechanoid beat, embodying an exciting new perspective.
  • Tracklist
      01. Fed Enough 02. Elvine Unlocked 03. Cut 04. Swamped 05. Knickerbocker 06. Late Bloomer