Heidi Sabertooth - With The Void

  • Hardware techno with panache.
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  • The title of Heidi Sabertooth's new EP refers to the point in her music-making process when she locks into her machines—usually an Electribe, DX200 and SH-101—and enters the flow state. She's known for an improvised, hardware-based style, though it doesn't produce stripped-back results. As With The Void shows, the American artist makes on-the-fly music that's as detailed and considered as something an artist might pore over in Ableton or Logic for days on end. "Dark Adaptation" is a good example. On first listen, it's a standard eight-minute techno track, but its many unexpected changes keep you locked in from beginning to end. "HighWire" shows the depth of her approach, a caustic acid track drenched in reverb and rippling textures. The level of detail here points to one of Sabertooth's greatest talents: to speak with a distinctive voice through just a few machines.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Dark Adaptation A2 High Wire B1 An Eye Is My Why B2 Ur Pushin It