Scott Young - Ket City

  • Dense, dizzy music to keep you on your toes.
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  • Scott Young's latest EP is astoundingly weird. The tracks register as house, but they're wobbly and dissonant, as if the Manchester-via-Hong-Kong producer is trying to bury the rhythms under a deluge of samples and effects. Even the most straightforward tracks on Young's second EP for Discos Capablancas, "Drum Orgies" and "Hyper-Domestication," are choppy and punch-drunk, falling over themselves and stumbling into chaos. Ket City's title track leaves the strongest impression (its goofy title is almost eerily on-the-nose). Slow and unsteady, "Ket City" is like wandering through a haunted house, where new, startling sounds lurk around each corner. The drum pattern is confusing and the haze is thick, a showcase of Young's most outré tendencies in a framework that's fun to dance to—once you find the groove, that is.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Social Climber Guide A2 Drum Orgies A3 Hyper-Domestication B1 Ket City B2 Pad Jacuzzi