Mr. G - The Alien With Extraordinary Abilities

  • Rock-solid house and techno that tells the story of a recent US tour.
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  • Many dance music heads are aware of the difficulties of the US immigration system, thanks to frequent, high-profile cancellations from artists who can't secure their visas. Mr. G's new mini-album, The Alien With Extraordinary Abilities, broaches the subject with a sense of humour. The record, whose title nods to the O-1 visa needed by most foreign artists performing in the US, tells the story of Colin McBean's trip to the States last year, a rare visit for the British producer. There's suspense, foreboding and elation, doled out in the rock-solid house and techno we've come to expect from McBean. The story is mostly in the titles (which refer to The Loft in New York and meeting Danny Tenaglia), but the music is also loaded with emotion and tension. "Monticello" is heavy, booming techno spiced up with a catchy vocal sample and the pitch-perfect modulation. The bass is wobbly on the thunderous "Gathering NYC," while "Embassy" dives into jungle with a bassline that underlines McBean's UK roots. The shorter beatless tracks include the ambient anxiety of "LDBPT3" and the calm resolution of "[email protected] Loft," a candlelit track that feels like a moment of relaxation at the end of a long journey.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Late Nite @ Montecello A2 The Made A3 LDBPT3 B1 Gathering NYC B2 Embassy B3 [email protected] Loft