Various - Rhythms Of The Pacific Volume 4

  • More fresh house from Canada. Come for the piano, stay for the trumpets.
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  • Khotin's "Piano Theme" has a perfect piano loop. It's simple, just a few chords followed by a three-note crescendo that falls somewhere between the drunken rhythms of Frits Wentink and Move D playing a boat party. But the track is more than piano house. Acid rain drips in the first half before a heavily EQ'd break unleashes some badman percussion. It's the biggest track Khotin has ever released, signalling an impressive return for the Rhythms Of The Pacific series after a four-year hiatus. Wolfey's "H.U.W" delivers the other big moment. The bongos' sultry swagger and pitter-patter recall the suede textures of Pender Street Steppers until the horns come blaring in, sounding like they're interrupting a quinceañera. The other two tracks are also nothing to scoff at. Chapters' "Ray Trace" delivers what Andrew Ryce described as Vancouver's distinctive "wooziness that makes the records feel world-weary and timeless." And the debut of the Toronto duo Active Surplus has a melody tailored for smiling ravers. Pacific Rhythm has been responsible for some of the most important house tunes of the past six years, instrumental in defining not just its own sound, but the entire coast of Canada's. It's hard to maintain that sort of momentum, but Khotin and Wolfey's contributions remains true to the label's ethos while sounding fresh. Come for the piano, stay for the trumpets.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Khotin - Piano Theme A2 Active Surplus - Peppermint B1 Wolfey - H.U.W B2 Chapters - Ray Trace