Cygnus - Connection Error

  • Electro meets boom-bap on this evocative EP from a key Dallas artist.
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  • Cygnus is a vital cog in Dallas's electro scene. But he's also released breakcore, IDM and other styles of dance music. It can be hard to know where to start when you first dive into catalogue, but his new EP for Craigie Knows touches on a variety of his sounds. Those expecting DJ-friendly electro will be surprised by the weary downtempo of "Ebony Starlight." But clubbier sounds follow with the excellent trio of "My Secret Data," "Votoms" and "Connection Error," all of which are Drexciyan in different ways. Then there's "Metroid C64," a bitcrushed boom-bap oddity that could've been made on a Nintendo Game Boy. It recalls the Autechre mixes that blend old-school rap with electro and IDM, connecting those dots in interesting ways. Cygnus could be doing something similar.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Ebony Starlight A2 My Secret Data A3 Metroid C64 B1 Connection Error B2 Votoms