Omar-S - Side Trakx Vol#6

  • This record might remind you of another club-kid crooner, Frank Ocean.
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  • Omar-S is about to release a new album. Judging from the sounds of the samples, there aren't any major surprises on You Want. When your baseline is making instant classic "Mo-town minimal" house tracks, that's just fine. But the easily ignored Side Trakx series is where Alex. O. Smith is pushing the boundaries. On Side Trakx - Volume #6, he links up with the Kingston-born '90s dancehall chart-topper Nardo Ranks. The grimy, dubbed-out stepper could rock a dancehall party, and there's a beautiful soul sample buried deep within the riddim. For the B-side, AOS rings up frequent collaborator John FM, and the duo delivers a drowsy R&B killer that feels like the natural follow-up to "Alone." The tossed-off, demo-style production—as well as F.M.'s X-rated verse—recall another club-kid crooner, Frank Ocean.
  • Tracklist
      A Love Me Like Cooked Food B Secrets feat. Andre Foxxe