Marco Shuttle - Ritmo Elegante

  • A master of deep techno tries some new tricks.
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  • The agile, minimal and atmospheric techno on Neel and Donato Dozzy's Spazio Disponibile label hasn't changed much in a long time. It's a compelling style, and Marco Shuttle has been one of many producers, alongside Neel and Dozzy, to quietly excel at making it over the last decade, even when larger, louder and faster has seemed the more fashionable direction to take. Shuttle, and others, partly owe their endurance to their ability to keep finding new space to grow into while retaining a sparse style. "Arpex," the highlight of this EP, features a characteristically mesmerizing bassline that transforms into a colourful melody built on spiralling arpeggios. "Stairway To The Milky Way" is psychedelic, light-footed and unusual for its fast, half-time rhythms. Ritmo Elegante is no great departure for Shuttle, but it's full of pleasant surprises.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Ritmo Elegante A2 Arpex B1 Stairway To The Milky Way B2 Qatarsi