Four Tet - Baby

  • A dreamy taste of the UK star's next album.
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  • In February 2014, Four Tet uploaded a track to SoundCloud and called it "I got this song Burn stuck in my head so I did a remix and Ellie DMed me and she's into it." Six years later, Ellie Goulding reappears, this time in an official capacity on the second single from his upcoming album, Sixteen Oceans. Last week, the LP’s tracklist appeared on social media written in felt-tip pen on a Post-it stuck to the wall. The announcement, like the way he named his "Burn" remix in 2014, was classic Four Tet. "Baby," the new single with Ellie Goulding, is also classic Four Tet in its watery ambient textures, twinkling melodies, chopped vocal and UKG-leaning rhythms— the beat is similar to 2018's most ubiquitous festival tune, "Only Human." There's also a classic Four Tet breakdown, where the layers dissipate to leave nothing but the sound of trickling water and birdsong. Like "Teenage Birdsong," the lead single from Sixteen Oceans, "Baby" exemplifies Four Tet's mass appeal. It's a record fit for your living room and a festival dance floor, best enjoyed at sunrise.
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      01. Baby