Cosmic JD - Future Notions Of An Endless Time

  • Other Canadian cities have most of the spotlight, but this slick club record shows that Toronto also has plenty to offer.
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  • Less sexy than Montreal, less sunny than Vancouver, less acclaimed than the rustbelt cities across the border. Toronto has never captured the electronic music spotlight in the way its neighbors have. Even with a whole new generation of Toronto producers getting trigger-happy on Discogs, Toronto artists are rarely mentioned in the same breath as DJs like Nicolas Lutz or Jane Fitz. Strict licensing laws, hard-to-find venues, gentrification, lack of interested punters—take your pick. I suspect it's a combination of all these reasons that Toronto has never been known for the type of deep, trippy, IDM-tipped tunes favored by the best-known gatekeepers of cosmic funk. Cosmic JD, who has hosted both Lutz and Fitz as part of the Hypnotic Mindscapes crew, however, rocks the boat with the latest for Alex Picone's Seekers label. The EP is a case study in the introspective sound Seekers favors. "Dust Of Attachment" is a particularly good example, never giving itself away, as a simple, looped melody is twisted into machine-cut hieroglyphs. Andrew Ryce recently described another Toronto record as up there with "the best techno coming out of Europe and Asia." Cosmic JD's EP suggests the city is competing for even more of the dance music universe.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Betty's Audition A2 Dust Of Attachment B1 Hertzian Empathy B2 Tribe Druthers