The Idiots - Techno Monster / Cold

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  • For the next release on the often top class Sex on Wax imprint, the trio of Desyn Masiello, Omid Nourizadeh and Leon Roberts team up as The Idiots to deliver a purely devastating feast of techno music with their latest amalgamation in sound. First up is the intense Techno Monster, and as the name suggests, the track is quite simply massive. From the word go we are treated to some pulsating filtered beats that lead into the main gritty baselines that make this track the monster that it is. The beats are quirky and upbeat, and the vibe is extreme throughout as this track lets rip for its entire duration. On the flip are the bouncy sounds of Cold. Not as evil and thrashing as the a-side, Cold does its business with a solid bouncing baseline and some quirky beat patterns and percussion. Nice melodic touches deep in the track give it that extra edge, making the track quite a delightful culmination of quirky sounds and deep grooves. Another quality release on a very sexy label, but what did you expect when you team up three of the brightest production and DJ talents in one studio?