Mall Grab - Don't Keep The Fire Burning EP

  • One of Australia's most prolific house and techno producers releases a top-notch EP for charity.
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  • The Australian house and techno producer Mall Grab's latest EP release couldn't come with more pure intentions, with all proceeds going towards Australia's fire emergency. Don't Keep The Fire Burning contains four previously unreleased tracks. Each has its own personality while maintaining the relentlessness of a typical Mall Grab record—its rhythms punch and kick you around. That may sound aggressive but the EP is subtly emotive, especially with the repetition of the title lyric in "Positive Energy Forever." While the circumstances may be bittersweet, there's nothing bitter about these tracks. It's actually rather sweet when you remember that listening means supporting those affected by the fires in Australia.
  • Tracklist
      01. Positive Energy Forever 02. Disconnect 03. There Is A 04. Sheer Fuck-Offness