Turnstile & Mall Grab - Share A View

  • Hardcore punk meets house on this enlightening EP.
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  • Share A View is an unexpected collaboration from the Baltimore hardcore band Turnstile and the Australian house and techno producer Mall Grab. But rather than a straightforward remix release, Share A View reimagines three Turnstile tracks from their 2018 LP, Time & Space. It's a creative way to bridge the gap between rock and dance music. The first track, "Yes I Need My Generator," is a good example, transformed from a hardcore song into a piano house banger. The vocals, which are sung rather than shouted, show a different side to the band's vocalist Brendan Yates, bringing light and space into the recording. It makes a case for more collaborations like this, suggesting there needn't be such a divide between dance and guitar music.
  • Tracklist
      01. Yes I Need My Generator 02. The Real Thing 03. I Wanna Be Blind