Red Axes - Voom

  • Dazzling cosmic soundscapes with the bustle of a great live show.
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  • Red Axes' second release on Dark Entries, Voom, is a continuation of the joyful, masterfully constructed sound they've been shaping since 2010. The EP's four tracks meld a keen attention to low-end sounds with an ear for melody, creating a universe that touches on funk, disco, techno and house all at once. Every track retains the feel of live improvisation, preserving the sense of chaos that comes from Red Axes' live shows. This is heard on "Dosa," where a lead synth bleeps its way through melodic highs and lows. The same goes for "Problems," the epic ten-minute closer. On the title track, synth fuzz sounds like loud guitar feedback, bringing Red Axes' post-punk influences to mind. All four tracks use a similar structure, building to an irresistible hook and cosmic soundscape before ending the way they started, gradually dropping layers and fading to nothing. Rather than wearing thin, this structure reinforces what feels like one of the duo's core messages: you're not around for very long, so you might as well dance while you can.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Voom A2 Dosa B1 Mister Q B2 Problems