D​.​K. - Rising EP

  • An anything-goes producer looks to basement-rave EBM.
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  • Hearing a new Antinote release is like opening a Kinder Surprise, especially when it's from Dang Khoa Chau, a producer who can make peak-time hardware jams or relaxed, Fourth World-esque house. Rising concludes a trilogy of EPs, the first of which was, as Max Graef Lakin noted, D.K.'s "most club-focused release in a while." On Rising, "Frozen Sword," "Code Breaker" and "Storm Of Steel" are baked in the same mould, where mean, relentless, EBM-style grooves are splashed with melody. "Storm Of Steel" is the EP's most intense track. The drums are heavier, and the glockenspiel sounds like it's trying to shake itself from the grid. The title track rounds out the EP on a bittersweet note, with choral pads enhancing the mood. Rising isn't Chau's—or Antinote's—most imaginative release, but it's the most accomplished EP from this dance floor-focused trilogy. At 4 AM in a sweaty basement, you could drop the needle on any track.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Storm Of Steel A2 Frozen Sword B1 Code Breaker B2 Rising