Espen Lauritzen / Philippe Petit - Super Sound Tool #2

  • Ultra-loopy beats from techno's psychedelic side.
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  • In December, when I was busy selecting bangers for my annual top ten lists, Super Sound Tool slipped out another quietly excellent techno record. As with Super Sound Tool #1, the first release in a new sub-label from Fiedel, the second instalment delivers two spacey, ultra-loopy cuts, tailor-made for DJs who draw dancers in with long blends and a patient approach. Espen Lauritzen, the cheerful producer behind the excellent Krill Music, delivers the highlight this time with "SEK," a snaking, percussive loop that has shades of Svreca in its shimmering midrange. Designed to put you in a trance, this is dance music at its most psychedelic, a corner of techno we should all spend more time with.
  • Tracklist
      A Espen Lauritzen - SEK B Philippe Petit - Heavier Than Air