Martyn Bootyspoon - Buss Down

  • NSFW electro.
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  • The name Martyn Bootyspoon might seem ridiculous, but he takes humour seriously. As Max Pearl noted in a review of last year's Silk Eternity EP, Montreal's Jason Voltaire makes dance music "saturated with charisma." His music is an odd but undeniable mix of eroticism and whimsy, which might also seem ridiculous if it wasn't so convincing. His best tool is his baritone voice, which is all over No. 1 Crush, his most straightforward record yet. It culminates in "Buss Down," an electro track with quakes of sub-bass. "I seen you buss it low / Scrolling on that phone," he croaks over a beat that goes increasingly haywire. It's funny, sexy, banging and in some purgatory between hilarious and racy. In other words, it's Bootyspoon at his best.
  • Tracklist
      01. Buss Down