Bash (Julio Bashmore) - Jubilee

  • A UK hitmaker looks to dub on this slick new track.
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  • You'd be forgiven for seeing the title of this piece and thinking, "Ah Bashmore is back. Wonder what he's been up to." It wasn't too long ago that the UK artist was releasing all-conquering anthems but, after putting out his debut album in 2015, Matt Walker became a more low-key figure. There have been a couple records on his label, Conch, with T. Williams, both of which pretty convincingly shot through UK funky with techno flavours. This new one arrives via Deadboy's Trule label, and it also presents a hybrid sound, a mix of dub and UK garage. We're nowhere near the big tune status of "Au Seve" or "Battle For Middle You", but, as the strongest thing Walker has put out recently, "Jubilee"'s quietly deadly qualities deserve attention. It's interesting to hear that Walker's impulse to create big moments is alive but a little different on "Jubilee." The Bashmore of old may have smashed the two-step drums, dub siren and snaking central melody together at the first drop. Instead we get something more crafty—an impact, sure, but an inversion, with the pared-down beats and drums providing the pay off. Don't be surprised if this one is more effective than you imagined when previewing it in rekordbox. The remix by Al Wootton (Deadboy) really emphasises the original's dub vibes. The spiral of tape echo or momentary dips into effects are never too far away, as Wootton chops into the track with a busier beat and bassline. Jubilee suggests it'd be good to hear from Bashmore and Conch more regularly.
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      A Jubilee B Jubilee (Al Wootton Remix)